Searching For The Best GAF Timberline Roofing & Solar Company In Summit?

We know that trying to find best roofing & solar company in Summit can be a challenging process. So, if you're seeking the best installation of a new GAF Timberline roof & solar panels in Summit, then your search is over! Locally owned and operated, Green Sun Energy Services has assisted Ellen & Mehmet along with hundreds of other homeowners and small businesses empower their energy independence to protect them from escalating energy prices and dependence on fossil fuels. Installing solar panels in Summit doesn't have to be a scary process. Together, we can help you find the right solar panel solution for you and your family.

Summit, New Jersey Project Details

We installed PV solar panels and a new GAF Timberline roofing system for this client in Summit, NJ.

7.0 KW DC Solar Panel System In Summit, NJ

GAF Timberline Roof In Summit, NJ

Complete removal of a single layer of existing shingles to the sheeting; clean up and proper disposal of all debris (Including dumpster). Installation of Ice Shield into gutter edges up the roof three feet and in all valleys; Apply roof underlayment to exposed sheathing; Install GAF Pro Starter into all gutters and rake edges; Replace all pipe flanges and seal all flashings; Re-shingle roof using GAF Timberline HD self sealing class A fiberglass roof shingles, ASTMD3462 compliant; Cobra Mesh Ridge Vents, Attic Fan, and System Plus Lifetime Warranty.

Solar Purchase Programs

  • It's never been a better year than 2021 for New Jersey homeowners to take advantage of the best solar installation incentives available.
  • As the owner of the solar panel system, you'll receive sales tax exemption; property tax exemption;  a 26% federal investment tax credit; 15-years worth of TREC income from New Jersey's Clean Energy Program; and all of the clean energy that your solar panels produce is your to keep.
  • Because of these great incentives, you can finance your solar panel system for $99 down and actually make a nice profit within the very first year.
  • And, if you have access to cash, the combination of federal & state incentives will typically enable you to break-even within 4 to 6-years.
  • With Green Sun Energy Services at your side, switching to clean and inexpensive solar power has never been easier. We’ll work with you to determine the best solar panels, inverters, warranties, and financing options for you and your family.
  • Check out our Client Portfolio to see how much some of your neighbors are saving with solar.
The best way to see how this all works is to look at an example: Let's assume you decide to pay $99 down and finance the system for 10-years at 2.99%.  Here's how the math works:

*Estimated returns based on a 9.75 kW DC PV Solar system oriented 160 degrees from north with 5% shade. SREC values are estimated at a 10-year gross average settlement price of $166 each. Energy prices start at the fully delivered rate of $0.145 per kWh and increase at the rate of 4.0% a year. Program assumptions and pricing are subject to change without notice.

How Do I Switch To Solar Power?

  • With Green Sun Energy Services at your side, switching to clean and inexpensive solar power has never been easier. We’ll work with you to determine the best solar panels system for you and your family. Getting started is simple. Just fill out our Solar Evaluation form and one of our local experts will complete a remote solar assessment of your property and contact you with the details.  
  • Headquartered in Middletown, New Jersey, we implement fully managed solar programs not just solar panel installations. And, with over 100 different solar financing options to choose from, our solar programs can provide you with both immediate and long-term savings.
  • Our local experts, superior solar equipment, aesthetically pleasing solar designs, money-back solar energy production guarantee, and commitment to long-term customer relationships separates us from the competition.

How Do I get A New Timberline® Roofing System In Summit?

Green Sun Energy Services is a GAF Certified contractor, so we can provide everything that you need to select and install the right roof for your home.  Timberline® HD™ Lifetime High Definition® Shingles offer architecturally stylish but practically priced solutions to fit most residential homeowner’s budget —with a Lifetime ltd. warranty. And, after Hurricane Sandy, it’s good to know that these shingles are warranted to withstand winds up to 130 mph.