What should you look for in a Generac Authorized Sales & Service Dealer?

Choosing the best Generac Authorized Sales & Service Dealer for your needs can be one of the most challenging parts of your generator buying process. While the standby generators themselves can be classified by product specifications, criteria for evaluating Generac Authorized Sales & Service Dealers was difficult to find. That's why we put together this Guide & Evaluation Matrix.

1. What is the Generac Authorized Sales & Service dealer's expertise?

Obviously, the Generac installation company should have an active dealer number registered with Generac; have expertise in installing Generac standby generators systems; and should be able to point to successful installations in New Jersey.

2. Are they fully licensed and insured?

Generac Authorized Sales & Service Dealers should have all necessary licenses and insurance policies required by the state of New Jersey.  Typical business licenses for the installation of home standby generators include general contracting, electrician, plumbing & banking & insurance (if you are going to fiance). At a minimum, installers should also have general liability & workers compensation insurance. Don't be afraid to ask for an insurance certificate.

3. Does the Generac Authorized Sales & Service Dealer have the right experience and a great reputation?

The best place to conduct this research is on reputable reviews sites such as the Better Business Bureau and Angie's List. These sites verify that the reviewer is actually a customer. Also, when checking out the Better Business Bureau website for solar reviews, don't forget to look at the complaints section to see if there have been issues with the company.

We suggest staying away from some of the specialty sites like home advisor as they are typically engaged in getting you to fill out their form so they can sell your information to generator installers.  We get calls from these guys trying to sell us "leads" every day.

We also suggest that you visit each Sales & Service Dealer's facebook page to see pictures of their work and to get a better feel of how they post and interact with the public.

4. Does the Generac Authorized Sales & Service Dealer want a short-term transaction or long-term relationship?

Your Generac Authorized Sales & Service Dealer should be someone that that you want to do business with, as well as a professional with the competence that you expect. But this needs to go beyond the sales person.  You need to trust that the company is seeking a long term relationship that is based on a win-win for you and them.  Many contractors will promise to install a generator at a "great price" and then disappear after its been installed.

5. Will the Generac Authorized Sales & Service Dealer manage the whole process for you?

Many people think that installing a standby generator is as simple as placing it on the ground and plugging it into your electric panel.  Unfortunately, it's not that easy.... and you really don't want to be the project manager for this job!

Each installation must be carefully designed to meet electrical, plumbing, building, fire, zoning and manufacture codes and guidelines.  These designs must be translated into zoning and permit applications, and submitted to the township for review and approval.  In parallel, gas load calculations should be submitted to your gas company to ensure that you gas meter will be able to support the load added by the generator.

Once these approvals come in, the generator should be ordered, received & inspected for damage.  Then the delivery, placement, electrical and rough plumbing installations should be scheduled. Once the rough installation has been completed, a rough plumbing inspection with the township needs to coordinated and completed.  After passing the rough inspection, the final gas connections need to be made your final electrical, plumbing, fire and in some cases building inspections can be coordinated and completed.

Upon passing these inspections, the generator orientation and wi-fi set up will be scheduled so that you have a thorough understanding of how the entire backup system works.

6. What is the workmanship warranty? Does the Generac Authorized Sales & Service Dealer provide any post-installation services?

Understanding the workmanship warranty and post-installation services is one of the most critical things for you to understand. Workmanship warranties are specific to designing and constructing the home backup system, and generally range from 1 to 5-years.  It's really important to understand the term of the workmanship warranty and what's included. Be careful because some Generac Authorized Sales & Service Dealer have a different warranty term for parts and labor associated with the installation!

At a minimum the workmanship warranty should include the following provisions: The design, assembly, and installation are all done in accordance with manufacturer specifications, National Electric Code, and/or Uniform Construction Code; The system will perform as defined; Any Workmanship defects that may arise will be fixed free of charge. Post installation services of leading installers should also include the following:
  • Wi-Fi System Monitoring (if available)
  • On-site Maintenance & Support
  • Annual Inspection & Scheduled Maintenance
  • Workmanship Warranty

7. What is a fair price for the standby generator installation?

Here, your focus should be on getting a fair price for the fully installed backup system.  Just make sure that you are evaluating similar equipment, project management services, and post installation services.

Generac Authorized Sales & Service Dealer Evaluation Criteria

The table below consists a category for virtually every question we've been asked as it pertains to a client evaluating us and our competitors.  Feel free to print or export this document into a spreadsheet to help you select the best Generac Authorized Sales & Service Dealer for you and your family.  Hopefully you select Green Sun Energy Service.  Good luck!